Intellectual Property, Computer & Internet

Copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, licensing and related unfair competition disputes, for the protection of a business' most valuable assets, including protection of its name, domain name or URL, reputation, style of doing business, business methodology, goodwill, contracts, customers and customer information, employees, confidential information, computers and networks, website content and original media.

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Labor and Employment Disputes

Ownership of property and inventions, protection of trade secrets and other confidential information including inventions, customer information and customer lists, employee information, product specifications and marketing and business plans, hiring, discipline or other employment discrimination, retaliation, family medial leave, termination and wage and hour claims, defamation, violation of civil rights, sexual harassment, whistle blowing, employment policies and procedures and contracts, executive compensation, and training both for human resources departments and other staff.

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Real Estate, Insurance and Other Complex Cases

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Disputes

Sales, lease, license, construction payments and defects, financing and development, condominium, easements, nuisance and noise, water and earth movement disputes, and real estate agency or commission disputes.

Insurance Coverage

Suretyship, indemnity and similar matters pertaining to the funding of defense of liability claims including helping clients defend themselves under insurance policies with their choice of "cumis" counsel.

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Corporate and other Business Entity Formation and Governance Disputes

Securities and franchise disputes, oppression of minority shareholders or investors, venture funding disputes, business merger, purchase and sales agreement disputes, forced dissolution, fraud or other disputes involving the sale of a business.

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Other Legal Areas

Business Torts

Interference with economic relations, civil RICO, antitrust, raiding, conspiracy, defamation and libel, misappropriation of likeness or invasion of privacy, theft or embezzlement, malicious prosecution or abuse of process or anti-SLAPP (suit intended to stifle public debate or speech because of the expense of defending the action and the fear of a judgment if one loses) disputes, trade libel, infliction of emotional distress, breach of confidence, fraud, constructive fraud or breach of fiduciary duty disputes.

Sales and Distribution

Including licensing, manufacturing, distribution, franchising or other commercial contract disputes.

Probate and Trust Disputes

Including representation of heirs, beneficiaries, conservators, trustees and personal representatives in litigation arising from estates, trusts and conservatorships, including disputes about the validity of wills and trusts, the conduct of trustees, conservators and personal representatives, and claims for distributions from estates and trusts.

Errors and Omissions

Professional agency, ethics and fiduciary disputes involving partners, directors, officers, insurance and real estate brokers and agents, lawyers, accountants, trustees and the like.

Appellate Practice

Involves any of the other areas of law, including review of trial record and evaluation of appealability, research and drafting or law and appellate briefs and oral argument.

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