Intellectual Property

Computer Software & Intellectual Property representative engagements

  • K-Swiss, Inc. v. Payless Shoe Source, Central District of California Case No. CV04-0779 (2004)(trademark and trade dress infringement)
  • Yandel v. Shanley, No. District Case No. CV03-5573 (copyright infringement)
  • Milton Sales v. Universal Manufacturing, So. Dist West Virginia Case No. CV 01-1046 (trademark infringement)
  • Agfa Corp. v. Lightsurf Technologies, Dist. Massachusetts Case No. CV00-10470 (trademark infringement)
  • FTD v. Farhid, No. District of California Case No. CV 00-7921 (trademark infringement)
  • FTD v. 1-800, Eastern Dist. of New York Case No. CV 00-2625 (trademark infringement and cybersquatting)
  • Nettaxi Online Comm. v. Geocities. No. District of California Case No. CV 99-20278 (domain name and trademark infringement)
  • Raytek Corporation v. Powerhouse Products, Inc., No. District of California Case No. CV96-20648 (trademark infringement)
  • Exatron ATE v. DiFrancesco, Before JAMS (1996), exclusivity of client's patent license)
  • Round Table v. Alyala (Coast Pizza Enterprises), No. Dist. Of California Case No. CV95-1766 (trademark and franchise termination)
  • Gymboree Corp. v. Walmart, No. Dist. of California No. CV 94-20009 (trademark infringement)
  • Radiological Associates Medical Group of Santa Clara Valley, Inc. v. Icon Medical Systems, No. Dist. Of California Case No. CV92-20736 (copyright infringement)
  • MagicLine v. Applied Communications, Inc. Before the American Arbitration Association No. 54-117028489 (1991), Detroit, Michigan (computer fraud, nonperformance, vaporware)
  • Quantas Federal Credit Union v. Electronic Data Systems, No. District of California Case No. CV 90-1544 (computer vaporware)
  • Borland v. Turbo Law Laboratories, Inc. Northern Dist. Calif. Case No. C88 20697 RPA (trademark infringement)
  • Scientific Technology, Inc. v. Stanford Telecommunications, Inc., No. Dist. Calif. No. C87 20769 (trademark infringement)
  • Seiler v. Lucasfilm Ltd and Twentieth Century Fox, No. Dist. Calif. Case No. C83 0696 (copyright and trademark infringement)
  • MIPS Computer Co. v. Mips Magazine, Northern Dist. Case No. C89 20141 (trademark infringement)
  • Tiara Computer Systems v. Federal Systems Group, No. Dist. Case No. C92 20407 and Eastern Dist of Va. No. 92-1733-A (copyright infringement)
  • Award Software v. A-Tronic Computer & Office Machines, Central District of California Case No. CD 88-6799 (copyright infringement)
  • K-Swiss v. Payless Shoe Source, Central Dist. California Case No. CV924128 (trade dress infringement)
  • K-Swiss, Inc. v. Ross Stores, Inc., Central District of California Case No. CV92-3691 (trade dress infringement)
  • Insignia Solutions, Inc. v. Inmac Corp., No. Dist. Calif. No. C93 20813 (trademark infringement)
  • S. Bravo Systems, Inc. v. Total Containment, Inc., Central Dist. Calif. Case No. CV93 5565 (patent infringement)
  • Turf Specialists Corp. v. Cambridge Sportsturf, Inc., Middle Dist. Fla. (Orlando) 96-138-Civ.-Orl-22 (tradename and trademark infringement)
  • Adaptec, Inc. v. Aha! Software Corporation, No. Dist. Calif. Case No. CV93 20860 (trademark infringement)
  • Ratliff v. Glenn, No. Dist. Calif. No. C92 20546 (copyright and trade dress infringement)
  • Applied Materials v. Moore Technologies, No. Dist. Calif. (patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation)
  • Radiology Management Systems, Inc. v. US Diagnostic, Inc., Central District of California Case No. CV96-8540 (copyright infringement)
  • French Transit Ltd. v. TCCD International, Inc. CV 96-2424; 4332 (trademark and patent infringement)
  • Jungle Rags, Inc. v. Rainbow Graphics, Inc., Middle District Florida No. 93-0260 (copyright and trade dress infringement)
  • Mindscape, Inc. v. Media Depot, Inc., Northern Dist. Case No. C 97-1648 (copyright)
  • Mekatron, Inc. v. Computerized Automotive Management Systems, Inc., AAA San Francisco No. 74-117-0408-88 (defective computer software)
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Labor and Employment Disputes

Employment/Trade Secret/Unfair Competition representative engagements

  • Nigro v. Sierra Meadows, Inc. Madera County No. MCV022763 (sexual harassment)
  • Saehan Media America v. KNH21, San Diego County No. 817020 (2004) (trade secret and unfair competition)
  • Campbell v. Tsunami Optics, Inc, Santa Clara County No. 1-02-CV 810285 (2002)(wrongful termination and securities)
  • Safeco Corp. v. Miletic and ZK Celltest (No. Dist. of California No. CV96-20801 (trade secret infringement and unfair competition)
  • Power & Data Technology, Inc. v. Orlando, Santa Clara County No. 750244 (trade secret and unfair competition)
  • Giberson v. Escort Memory Systems, Inc., Santa Cruz County No. 140300 (Sexual Harassment)
  • HP v., Santa Clara Case No. CV782769 (misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition and fraud)
  • Relysis v. Aikea Technology, Santa Clara No. 754928 (breach of fiduciary duty/fraud)
  • Mitre v. General Disk Corporation, Santa Clara County No. CV 735648 (breach of executive compensation contract, stock ownership)
  • Betts v. GMP Labeling, Inc., Santa Clara County No. CV 755261 (breach of executive compensation contract, stock ownership)
  • Wehenkel v. Richey Electronics, Inc., Santa Clara County Superior Court No. CV 760356 (executive compensation, trade secret and breach of fiduciary duty)
  • Ammerman v. Synchronous Communications, Santa Clara County No. CV 759460 (sexual harassment and wrongful termination)
  • Gilmore v. Dept. Of Rehabilitation, No. Dist. of California Case No. C93-20788 (race and disability discrimination)
  • Alford v. Maui Distillers, Ltd. Orange County No. 392047 (age discrimination and breach of contract)
  • Tucker v. The BVY Group, Inc., Southern District of New York Case No. 88 Civ 7026 (wrongful termination and unfair competition)
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Real Estate, Insurance and Other Complex Cases

Real Estate, Insurance and Other Complex Cases representative engagements

  • Hessel v. Bourdeau, San Mateo County No. 109589 (breach of fiduciary duty - trustees)
  • DiFrancesco v. Johnson Matthey, Santa Clara Superior Court No. CV-772523 (patent and trademark license termination and royalties)
  • Schowalter v. Caskey, Santa Clara County No. 731811 (professional negligence)
  • Kinsey v. Viega, Santa Clara County No. 789989 (professional negligence)
  • Kovacs v. Pritchard Santa Clara County No. 791479 (professional negligence)
  • Mozetti v. Overland Development Corp., Santa Clara County No. 773583 (real estate contracts)
  • Nature Quality Co. v. Santa Fe Ingredients Co., Santa Clara County No. 762827 (sales contract dispute)
  • Stickney v. Kapoor, Santa Clara County No. 769822 (professional negligence)
  • BMCE v. Indemnity Ins. Co., Santa Clara County No. 760903 (insurance coverage)
  • Gilmore Entertainment Group v. TIG Ins. Co., South Carolina No. 02-CP-26-33 (insurance coverage)
  • Levy v. Cosmetics of France, Inc. Contra Costa County No. C-97-00552, No. Dist of California No. CV97-00991 (unfair competition)
  • Larkin v. Mansion Hill (Urban West Communities), Orange County Superior No. 46-20-07 (Multi-party construction defect)
  • Redwood Mutual Water Co. v. Pacific Underground Construction, Santa Clara County Superior Court No. CV 721553 (multi-party construction defect)
  • CMP Enterprises, Co. Ltd. v. Dell, Santa Clara County Superior Case No. 639501 (correction of professional negligence)
  • White v. Kelley, Santa Clara Superior Court No. CV 759905 (professional negligence)
  • Insurance Company of the West v. Coast Pizza Enterprises, Inc., San Francisco County No. 973277 (insurance coverage)
  • Ameri v. Subway Management, Inc., Los Angeles County No. NWC 08650 (franchise termination)
  • Tang v. Monbeigt, San Francisco County No. 865543 (real estate fraud and professional negligence)
  • Save Our Airport From Restriction Committee v. City of Torrance, Central District of California No. 84-9543 and 84-9715 (airport noise restrictions)
  • Atherton Homeowners Association v. Town of Atherton and Menlo School (objections to conditional use permit - noise)
  • Ray v. City Council of the City of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County No. 384-906 (business permit termination - writ of mandamus)
  • Bowen v. Dvorak, Orange County No. 37-89-30 (title insurance)
  • Adams v. Alphagraphics, Inc., Marin County No. 142423 (franchise termination)
  • Irvine Valenicia Growers v. Tree Sweet Products Co., Orange County No. 518109 (Lien Foreclosure)
  • Reames Electric, Inc. v. Costa Mesa Partners, Orange County No. 544010 (mechanics lien)
  • G&W Development v. Adelson, Los Angeles County No. C557221 (defective construction)
  • Wright v. American Guaranty Life Ins. Co., Orange County No. 276897 (commissions dispute)
  • Jayport Development Corp. v. Bravura Development, Inc., Los Angeles County No. C651407 (fraud)
  • Chrisline Industries/Caribe, Inc. v. Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., Central District of California No. 88-03097 (breach of contract)
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Corporate and other Business Entity Formation and Governance Disputes

Corporate Governance/Securities representative engagements

  • Calif. Commissioner of Corporations v. Brown, Before the Department of Corporations (2005) (Securities)
  • Nguyen v. Web Office, Inc., West. Dist of Texas No. CV03-0196)(securities)
  • Ionics Circuits, Inc. v. Tyco Electronics Corp., Northern District California Case No. CV02-0554 (fraud by corporate officers)
  • v. RGC Int'l Investors, No. Dist of California No. CV00-20404 (securities)
  • Miller v. Microthermia Technology, Inc., No. Dist. California Case No. CV 94-20746 (securities)
  • Su v. Kiwi Computer, Inc., Santa Clara County Case No. 761078 (securities)
  • Vierra v., No. District of California, Case No. C-99 20280 (securities and breach of fiduciary duty)
  • Rutner v. Interdent, Inc., Santa Clara County No. 785864 (fraud in the sale of a business/unfair competition)
  • Fradin v. DVP Techdoc, Santa Clara County No. 757979 (mandatory stock buyout)
  • Datalogic Spa, Inc. v. Nicholson No. District of California Case No. CV03-1707 (securities)
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